How to Make Iron Man Arc Reactor (Iron Man 2)

by Stephen
DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor (Iron Man 2)

This week I made an Iron Man Arc Reactor out of cereal box cardboard and a piece of scrap plastic. This Arc Reactor design is from Iron Man 2. 

This may be an unpopular opinion, but this arc reactor design is my favorite one … I like the simplicity with the triangles. If you want to wear it as a costume, I recommend adding hook and loop (ie velcro) to the back of it and to your shirt…or hot glue it onto a shirt. As for me, I’m going to use it as a night light in my bathroom haha. 

This video has been requested a bunch of times, so I hope you like it!

Materials List:

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Steps to Make Iron Man Arc Reactor (Iron Man 2):

  1. Print out template.
  2. Roughly cut around each circle on the template and tape these circles onto cereal box cardboard. 
  3. Cut out the circle designs. It’s easiest to cut out the insides first, then the outside. 
  4. Glue on some edging to the bottom cardboard layer. 
  5. Glue the bottom two layers together (pieces 1 and 2 on the template). 
  6. Glue the top two layers together (pieces 3 and 4 the template). 
  7. Glue the embellishment pieces (piece 5) onto piece #3.
  8. Using piece 5, trace and cut out two circles on the plastic. These will be referred to as plastic lenses. 
  9. Take 1 plastic lens and gently sand 1 side of it until it looks frosted/foggy. 
  10. Paint this rough side with watered down blue craft paint. Put off to the side to dry. 
  11. Paint all cardboard pieces in black craft paint and then metallic silver craft paint. 
  12. Cut out a small triangle of wax paper and white computer paper. Glue this triangle onto the bottom of piece #2.
  13. Using piece 5, trace and cut a donut out of corrugated cardboard so the hole fits the bottom of your light. This hole can be used to change the batteries of your light. 
  14. Hot glue in the light. 
  15. Add walls to your desired height. Walls are just cereal box cardboard rolled and glued around the outside of the donut. I used a 1.2 inch measurement but you can make it thinner if you’d like. If using a push light, make sure you can tap it easily.
  16. Cover the inside with aluminum foil. Use glue to secure the foil in place. 
  17. Hot glue on the blue lens, shiny side up. 
  18. Glue the 2 bottom design layers on top of the blue lens.  
  19. Glue on the clear lens. 
  20. Glue the 2 top design layers on top of the clear lens. 
  21. Paint sides in black craft paint. 
  22. Paint sides in metallic silver craft paint. 
  23. Add hook/loop or glue onto shirt in order to wear it. 
  24. Enjoy!


**prints out on one page of regular computer paper (8.5×11 inch)**

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