How to Make A Flag Smasher Mask

by Stephen
Flag Smasher Mask DY

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney+ introduced us to the Flag Smashers. In this show, they are an organization that preferred life during the blip. It’s a modern MCU interpretation of the Flag Smasher character in the comics. The MCU version has a cool looking mask, so I thought I’d make it. Feel free to watch the video and follow the steps below to make your own Flag Smasher mask!

Material List:

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  1. Take a large sheet of tin foil, fold it in half.
  2. Carefully press the foil onto your face, making sure to keep it in place while you get the impression of your eyes/nose/mouth/forehead.
  3. Carefully cover the entire mask with masking tape. Two layers should be good.
  4. Make sure the edges of the mask are all taped up in order to give it some rigidity and structure for the next step.
  5. Optional: Use cereal box cardboard to buff out the chin. Just tape this piece on with masking tape.
  6. Cover the mask in 2 layers of paper mache. Let it dry between layers.
    • Paper Mache Mix: Combine flour, white glue, and warm water until it has the consistency of a runny pancake batter.
  7. Optional: Use hot glue to glue on two pieces of corrugated cardboard for eyebrows. This helps make the eye area look more hooded.
  8. Add another layer of paper mache. Let it dry.
  9. Carefully cut out the eyes using a utility knife.
  10. Optional: Cover in paper mache clay, dry, and sand until smooth.
  11. Paint mask with black craft paint.
  12. Use a hole punch of utility knife to add a hole or slit on either sides of the mask, near the ears/eyes.
  13. Slide through a strip of elastic and hot glue in place.
  14. Touch up any scuffs with more black craft paint.
  15. Paint your fingers/palm in red craft paint, and press against the mask.
  16. Touch up any areas you missed with a paint brush and more red craft paint.
  17. Wear and enjoy!

Things I’d Do Differently From My Video/Steps:

There are a few things I would do differently if I were to make this mask again. Lucky for you, omitting any of these items would make it much easier and quicker to make. So if you make the mask, feel free to omit the following steps:

  • I would not have added the corrugated cardboard “eyebrows” or used cereal box cardboard to make the chin bigger.
  • I would not have used any paper mache clay. Totally unnecessary for the mask.
  • I would have added more masking tape to the edges of the mask to make it a little sturdier. This would have kept the edges from flaring out and would have kept the shape a little more in place.

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