How to Make a Loki Dagger

by Stephen
DIY Loki Dagger

Loki is such an awesome character and always has the coolest looking daggers.

This particular dagger was featured in the first season of Loki on Disney+.

I’m really happy with how it turned out and hope you guys like it too. 

It’s the first dagger I’ve ever made and I’m kind of inspired to make more.

I was originally waiting to post this video until season 2 of Loki starts next month, but decided to post it now since Marvel Snap started featuring Loki cards a few days ago. 

I really hope you guys like it!



Steps to Make a Loki Dagger: 

  1. Print template.
  2. Blade
    1. Cut pieces out of flimsy poster board, making sure to score down the center dotted line.
    2. Cut out the 2 base pieces.
    3. Cut out the 2 decorative pieces using the inner black line.
    4. Cut out the 2 decorative pieces using the inner blue line.
    5. Cut out the 2 decorative pieces using the inner green line.
    6. Fold along the scored lines. 
    7. Take one of the base pieces, glue the decorative pieces on top of it one at a time going from the widest piece to the thinnest piece. 
    8. Allow glue to dry.
    9. Repeat for the other base piece. 
    10. Slather glue along the edges of one side of the blade. 
    11. Hold the two pieces together until they stick. If you are using Mod Podge, they stick together pretty quickly. 
  3. Cross Guard
    1. Cut all 5 pieces out from corrugated cardboard.
    2. Stack/glue together, making sure the piece with the gap in the middle is the center piece out of the 5.
    3. Cover all the exposed corrugation with scraps of poster board (ie the top, bottom, and two tiny sides). 
    4. Make sure the hole in the center of the top and bottom can fit a pencil.
  4. Hilt
    1. Cut the 3 pieces out of corrugated cardboard. 
    2. Stack/glue together, making sure that you can fit a pencil snuggly in between. 
    3. Slather the exposed corrugated edges with glue and pinch closed. This will be a little messy. Allow it to dry completely.
    4. Wrap the 2 thin decorative poster board strips around the top of the hilt. Glue into place.
    5. Glue the hilt, crossguard, and pencil together. 
  5. Paint
    1. When everything is completely dry, paint the hilt/crossguard and the blade in black craft paint. 
    2. When the black paint dries, paint the hilt/crossguard in a thin layer of light gold craft paint. 
    3. When the black paint dries, paint the blade in silver craft paint. 
  6. Glue the blade onto the exposed pencil that’s sticking out the top. It will be a tight fit, but should slide on easily.
  7. Wait for the glue to dry and Enjoy!

Template to Make a Loki Dagger: 

**prints out on regular US Letter paper – 8.5 x 11 inch **

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