How to Make a Minecraft Torch

by Stephen
Minecraft Torch

Hi, I’m Stephen and I make cardboard costumes and props.

Today I’m making a Minecraft Torch out of paper and cardboard.

Lets get to it!



Steps to Make a Minecraft Torch:

Note: if you want to print it out on 1 page, you need US legal sized paper. I didn’t have this size, so I also made a template that prints out on 2 pages that you need to attach together. Both templates and steps are the same, however you don’t need to combine the pieces in the beginning if you’re using the legal sized template.

  1. Base:
    • Tape outline together.
    • Tape outline onto cereal box cardboard.
    • Score the inside lines. If you plan to light it up, cut off the top via the large horizontal line. If not, leave the outline whole. 
    • Cut it out. 
  2. Decoration:
    • Line up the top and bottom. 
    • Tape the edges of the paper together… not on the actual design. 
    • Once that’s done, cover the entire design in clear packing tape.
    • Carefully cut out. 
    • Press down with a heavy book to ensure the tape is secure. 
  3. Assembly:
    • Cover one section of the cardboard base with a thin layer of white glue. **It needs to be a thin layer!**
    • Gently glue the decoration on top. 
    • Press down with a heavy book until dry.
    • Continue with the next section and repeat until the decoration is completely glued down. 
    • Carefully fold along the internal scored lines. Go slow and repeat until it folds comfortably.
    • If planning to light up, use hot glue to glue a square on the inside of the torch, right below the yellow/white squares (or blue/white). This will act as a little ledge to rest your tea light. If you aren’t lighting it up, skip this step. 
    • Once everything is folded, glue the long end flap and hold it in place until the glue dries. 
    • Fold up the bottom. 
    • Add light. Fold down the top. Secure with a tiny piece of tape so the top doesn’t pop open.
  4. Enjoy!

Template to Make a Minecraft Torch:

**Minecraft Torch and Soul Torch template on 2 page (US sized 8.5 x 11 inch)**

**Minecraft Torch and Soul Torch template on one page (US legal sized 8.5 x 14 inch)**

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