How to Make a Prowler Glove

by Stephen
DIY Prowler Glove

I’m Stephen and I make cardboard costumes and props. Today I’m making Prowler’s glove from Across the Spider-Verse!

I love how it turned out and I might just start wearing it every where I go. All gloves should have pointy fingers! 

To be honest, no one requested this video and I have no idea if any of you guys are even interested in the Prowler, but when I saw his glove on screen, I knew I needed to make it!



Steps to Make a Prowler Glove:

  1. Print template.
  2. Forearm:
    1. Cut out the cone from flimsy poster board. 
    2. Hot glue strips of cereal box cardboard to the inside where the seam is located in order to form the cone. 
    3. Cut out the two thinner bands for the base of the cone. Use corrugated cardboard for these 2 pieces. Make sure corrugation lines are vertical. 
    4. Glue onto the poster board cone. 
    5. Cylinders:
      1. Cut out the rectangles from the template and roll around a highlighter. 
      2. Secure with white glue. 
      3. Repeat 20 times. 
      4. Add dollops of glue to scrap paper. 
      5. Stand cylinders on top of it. Allow to dry. Trim off excess paper. Repeat for the other side. 
    6. Hot glue cylinders onto the cone. Use rubber bands as guidelines so you can glue on the cylinders in an even row.
    7. Add a thin strip of cereal box cardboard, roughly ¼ of an inch, to the ends of the cylinders. Use hot glue and follow the curve of the cylinders. 
    8. Make large cylinders by rolling up the paper on the template. Add end caps made from corrugated cardboard and a roll of cereal box cardboard. Add a decorative rectangle of corrugated cardboard. Keep off to the side…do not glue onto the forearm until you paint everything.. 
  3. Glove
    1. Connect the template pieces together. 
    2. Cut pieces out of cereal box cardboard.
    3. Push ends together and secure with tape on the inside of the glove. 
    4. Slip over a dark colored glove to make sure it fits. 
    5. Hot glue on wrist decoration.
    6. Hot glue on top of hand decoration.
    7. Glue the cardboard glove to the fabric glove. 
  4. Claws
    1. Cut pieces out of cereal box cardboard. 
    2. When you see a dotted line on the template, just scour the cardboard, do not cut all the way through. 
    3. Fingers:
      1. Fold down scoured line. 
      2. Push the V together so the edges touch. Secure lightly with tape. 
      3. On the inside, secure with hot glue. 
      4. Carefully peel off tape. 
    4. Nails:
      1. Fold down scoured line.
      2. Gently roll.
    5. Assemble:
      1. Wrap each piece around your fingers, marking down how far the ends wrap around your finger. Remove and hot glue together so you have a ring that fits your finger over the glove. 
      2. Repeat for every finger and every nail. You will have 10 rings. 
      3. Slip each ring onto your gloved fingers. Add a tiny bit of hot glue to secure. 
      4. To take the glove off, pinch the tips of the fingers and pull gently.
    6. Coat the ends of the cardboard nails in white glue. Dry. 
  5. Paint
    1. Paint everything other than the cylinders in black craft paint. 
    2. Paint the cylinders in purple craft paint mixed with neon pink craft paint. 
    3. Paint all of the black in silver craft paint. 
  6. Enjoy!


** prints out as US Letter – 8.5 x 11 in **

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