How to Make A Spider-Man 2099 Mask (Comic Book Version)

by Stephen
diy Spider-Man 2099 mask

I’m Stephen 

And I like to make cardboard costumes and props

Today I’m making the classic Spider-Man 2099 mask out of a pizza box and gym shorts. 

Let’s get started!


Materiale List:

Steps to Make A Spider-Man Mask (comic book version):

  1. Print out the template
  2. Taped the pieces of the template onto cardboard. 
  3. Use a utility knife and/or scissors to break it down and cut everything out. 
  4. Start with the eyes – push the edges together, keeping them connected with lots and lots of tape. Repeat for all the other pieces.
    • Corrugated cardboard is kind of rigid, so make sure to gently bend the cardboard when needed. 
  5. Tape together the forehead piece.
  6. Tape eyes onto forehead.
  7. Tape on cheeks.
  8. Tape on nose pieces.
  9. Tape on chin.
  10. Add hot glue along all the insides seams to prevent any of the tape from popping off. 
  11. If you have a few bumps or ridges on the mask, use a utility knife to slice down some of the extra big bumps. 
  12. Take you gym shorts or mesh fabric.
  13. Cut a big enough piece to fit over the mask.
  14. Cover the top 1/3 of the mask in white glue. Carefully stretch the fabric over the glue. Repeat for the middle 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of the mask until it is completely wrapped in the mesh fabric.
  15. Use binder clips to hold the fabric in place while it dries.
  16. a nice thin layer of white glue and carefully stretched the fabric over the cardboard mask. 
  17. Cut out the eye design template out of cereal box cardboard.
  18. Paint the eye design with red paint.
  19. Before you glue on the eye designs, flip over the mask over and snip out the lining of the fabric on each eye. Only do this if you used gym shorts that had a lining.
  20. Glue the red eye designs onto the mask.
  21. Add elastic on the back, if needed.
  22. Enjoy!


**prints out on regular letter – 8.5 x 11 inch **

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