How to Make a Cowboy Spider-Man Mask

by Stephen
DIY Cowboy Spider-Man Mask and Hat

A Cowboy Spider-Man mask and hat made out of cardboard! I really like how it turned out and hope you do too. 

It’s a very easy no-sew Spider-Man mask that you can definitely make in an hour or two.

I’ve been wanting to make a Web Slinger costume all year so I’m happy I finally got around to it. 

This version of Spider-Man also wears a poncho, but honestly….just throw a blanket over your shoulders and it’ll look legit. And maybe carry around a squirt gun to spray your friends 😛



Steps to Make a Cowboy Spider-Man Mask

  1. Print out the template.
  2. Frame
    • Tape pieces onto cereal box cardboard. Cut out. 
    • Tape edges together.
    • Tape ear piece on each end. 
  3. Fabric
    • Tape pieces together. Make sure to trim the borders off of the template pieces when you tape them together. 
    • Cut out the triangle.
    • Trace onto red fabric. I used a t-shirt.
    • Cut out the fabric triangle. 
    • Tape template onto a window. Tape the fabric triangle on top of it.
    • Trace all the web lines with a pencil.
    • Remove from the window and lay flat. 
    • Go over all the lines with a black marker or puffy paint. 
    • Let the marker and/or paint dry.
    • Carefully glue the fabric to the frame. 
      • A little modpodge on the nose and between the eyes helps secure it.
      • Hot glue is needed to glue down the fabric you fold over the top of the mask. 
    • Snip out the eyes and glue down the flaps on the underside of the mask. 
  4. Eyes
    • Cut the eyes out of cereal box cardboard. 
    • Cut the lenses out of mesh. 
    • Paint the eyes in black craft paint.
    • Paint the lenses in white craft paint. 
    • Glue lens to the underside of the eyes. 
    • Glue eyes onto the mask. 
  5. Hat
    • Bucket
      • Tape together the 4 pieces. 
      • Cut out of flimsy poster board or carton. 
      • Cut down all of the black lines, score the gray dotted lines. 
      • Bring one of the diagonal pieces inward so its edge lines up with the scored line. Glue.
      • Bring the diagonal piece on the other side inward so its edge lines with the scored line on that side of the hat. Glue.
      • Repeat for the other end. 
      • For the sides, bring piece inward, lining up the slanted edge with the corner. Glue.
      • Do the same for the piece on the other side.
      • Repeat for the other side. 
      • You should have a bucket.
      • Cut all the fringe tabs. 
      • Bend tabs outward. 
    • Brim
      • Line up the 4 pages. 
      • Tape together and cut out of poster board or cereal box cardboard. 
      • Repeat so you have 2 brims. 
  6. Assemble
    • Slide brim over the bucket.
    • Glue all of the tabs onto the brim. 
    • Glue the second brim to the underside of the 1st brim so all of the tabs are covered. 
    • Flip hat back over. 
    • Gently push down on the center of the hat so it bends inward. 
    • Paint the entire hat in black and brown craft paint mixed together. You want a dark brown. 
    • Cut badge out of cereal box cardboard. 
      • Paint in black craft paint and then silver craft paint. 
      • Glue to the front of the hat after you wrap it in yarn a few times.
  7. Enjoy!

Template to Make A Cowboy Spider-Man Mask

Not for commerical use. For personal use only.

**print on US Letter – 8.5 x 11 inches**

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