How to Make a TV Man Mask from Skibidi Toilet

by Stephen
TV Man Mask Skibidi Toilet DIY

Today I’m making a TV Man mask from Skibibi Toilet out of cardboard. 

I know the mask kind of seems like a big old box, but it was a challenge for me to come up with a template you guys could follow. I’m happy with how it turned out and I really hope you guys like it!

If I ever plan to make another one, I think I’d size it down by 10%. So feel free to decrease the size by 10% if you plan to make yours. 🙂




Steps to Make a TV Man Mask from Skibidi Toilet:

  1. Print template. It is broken out into 4 groups.
  2. Tape together the pages for each group. You will have 4 big sheets. 
  3. Cut around all of the shapes. These are your template pieces. 
  4. Tape all of the shapes onto corrugated cardboard, with the exception of the 3 pieces labeled “decorative.” Tape the “decorative” pieces onto flimsy poster board or cereal box cardboard.
  5. Cut everything out. You will need a craft knife/box cutter. 
    • Note: cut along all of the black lines, including the rectangles inside other shapes. 
    • Helpful tip: label all of your pieces so you don’t forget which piece goes where.
  6. Assembly:
    • Hot glue the sides of the screen and top of the screen to the screen. 
    • Glue together all the other pieces. Follow the assembly diagram included in the template.
    • Tape all of the seams on the inside. 
  7. Paint the TV with black craft paint. 
  8. Paint the screen with streaks of white, grey, black. Once that dries, paint over everything with a coat of white. This coat will dull the streaks and make the screen look like static.
  9. Hot glue the screen on the inside of the mask. 
  10. Use white glue to glue on a smiley face to the front center of the screen. 
  11. Enjoy!

Template to Make a TV Man Mask from Skibidi Toilet:

**Print template on US letter – 8.5 x 11 inches**

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