How to Make a Princess Peach Crown

by Stephen
DIY Princess Peach Crown

Princess Peach is an iconic part of pop culture. She started off as Mario’s love interest, but has developed a rich character over the years. Her tiny crown is one of her trademarks and I’m so excited to show you guys how to make it!

Video Game:

Materials to Make a Princess Peach Crown:

Steps to Make a Princess Peach Crown:

  1. Print template
  2. Cut out the crown pieces and tape onto flimsy poser board or a large sheet of cereal box cardboard.
  3. Cut pieces out.
  4. For the big piece, glue the ends together.
  5. Use mod podge and glue the top piece onto the crown.
  6. Glue the bottom piece onto the crown.
  7. Cut ovals out of cereal box cardboard.
  8. Glue together, except for the smallest ovals.
  9. Glue onto the crown.
  10. Paint crown in yellow.
  11. Paint 2 of the ovals in red.
  12. Paint 2 of the ovals in blue.
  13. Glue the ovals onto the crown.
  14. Glue onto a headband.
  15. Enjoy!

Template to Make a Princess Peach Crown:

For personal use only. Not for commercial use.

Template prints out on US Letter size – 8.5 x 11 inches

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