How to Make a Robot Santa Mask

by Stephen
Robot Santa Mask DIY

I’ve always loved Robot Santa from Futurama. He started out as a good guy, but his programming quickly discovered that everyone is on the naughty list. Since everyone is naughty, everyone must be punished! Well….except for Dr. Zoidberg. He’s a good boy. 

This mask was very fun to make and I hope you like it!

Merry Christmas!


Materials to Make a Robot Santa Mask:

Steps to Make a Robot Santa Mask:

  1. Print template
  2. Head
    • Cut a strip of poster board 11 inches tall. 
    • Find the center of this strip. Tape on the face template. 
    • Cut the pieces out of the face. 
    • Wrap around your head to get a nice, comfortable fit. 
    • Tape and glue the ends together. 
    • Cut teeth out of cereal box cardboard. Glue into the mouth. 
    • Cut the ears out of poster board. Roll into tubes. Add a ball to the end of each tube. The other end should be “closed” with a circle of cardboard. 
    • Eyes: 
      • Each eye should be a stack of 3 corrugated cardboard pieces. Glue these pieces together. Cover all the corrugation holes on the sides with masking tape. Glue 1 cereal box piece on top so it looks clean. Repeat for the other eye. 
    • Paint everything in gray craft paint. 
    • Paint the edges of the eyes and the ball part on the ears in gray mixed with black and purple. 
    • Paint the nose in gray mixed with black, purple, and red. 
    • Cut the lenses out of a mesh screen. Paint in orange. Glue to the eyes. 
  3. Hat
    • Wrap the top of the head in scrap corrugated cardboard. It should look like a headband.
    • Add scrap corrugated cardboard strips to the inside of the mask at the bottom…this just gives it some support. 
    • Take wrapping paper, and make a cone. 
    • Paint cone in red craft paint. 
    • Hot glue the cone onto the top of the mask, right onto the corrugated cardboard headband. 
    • Add a 2in wide long strip of poster board as the white fur part of the hat. 
    • Spiky pom pom:
      • Cut out the cone template pieces. 
      • Roll into cones. Glue closed with mod podge. 
      • Add a very big dollop of hot glue to the inside of the cone and immediately press onto a ball. 
      • Repeat until all 6 cones are added to the ball.
      • Coat the entire spiky ball in mod podge.
  4. Beard
    • Cut mustache out of flimsy poster board.
    • Tape and glue mustache to the mask. Make sure it points down and all the glue is hidden underneath it.
    • Cut lower lip out of flimsy poster board.
    • Tape and glue lower lip to the mask. Make sure it points up. The glue should be at the bottom of it since this will be covered by the beard.
    • Cut out the 3 template pieces for the beard. Tape together. Tape onto the mask as a test fit. You will need to adjust this piece, namely cut down the “sideburns” of the beard. You may also need to reposition the center piece so the beard fits a little more snug against the mask.
    • Once you are happy with your paper test fit, take this piece off, tape onto flimsy poster board and cut out.
    • Tape and then glue the beard onto the mask. Make sure to round the corners of the sideburns so it looks nice.
  5. Assembly
    • Using hot glue…
    • Glue on the eyes. Feel free to reference the “Eye Layout” in the template.
    • Glue on the ear missiles right above his mustache line.
    • Glue on the spiky pompom to the end of the hat.
    • Glue a piece of black fabric to the inside of the mouth to cover up the mouth hole.
    • Glue on nose.
  6. Enjoy!

Template to Make a Robot Santa Mask:

For personal use only. Not for commercial use.

Template prints out on US Letter size – 8.5 x 11 inches

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