How to Make A Carnage Mask

by Stephen
Carnage Mask DIY

Venom, Carnage, and every other symbiote are so cool! They have been a staple in the Spider-Man comics for years and it’s exciting to see them on the big screen. They have really cool designs and it’s not hard to make a Carnage mask from cardboard, tape, and glue. 

Sculpting with cardboard is a lot of fun, so get messy and have fun making this Carnage mask!

Material List:

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  1. Print out the template.
  2. Carefully cut out with scissors or a utility knife.
  3. Tape together the three pages.
  4. Trace onto cereal box cardboard.
  5. Trace onto another cereal box for the other side. Alternatively you can flip the  template over to trace the second one if you want both sides to be brown… but you really don’t have to. 
  6. Carefully cut out with scissors or a utility knife. 
  7. Use tape to take the template together. 
  8. Tape both sides together to get a helmet.
  9. Draw on the eye and mouth sizes you want. 
  10. Cut out these new shapes with scissors. 
  11. Glue scraps of corrugated cardboard along the lips. 
  12. Glue scraps on corrugated cardboard anywhere on the mask where it looks like it needs to be more round and less angular. 
  13. Cover entire mask with masking tape. 
  14. Use a glue gun to gun on squiggly lines on the dome of the mask and messy zigzags all around the eyes and mouth. 
  15. Paint in red and black craft paint.
  16. Set off to the side to dry. 
  17. Roll computer paper into small cones. Tape closed.
  18. Repeat for all the teeth. 
  19. Hot glue teeth into mouth. Two layers on top, two layers on bottom. 
  20. Optional: add thin straps of cereal box cardboard to the edges of the mouth so it looks gooey. 
  21. Optional: if needed, add some other cereal box cardboard to the eyes to make them look more jagged. 
  22. Cut eye shapes out of a screen. 
  23. Paint both sides of the screen with white craft paint. 
  24. Paint teeth with a mix of brown, yellow, and white craft paint. Feel free to add in some white glue to help keep the teeth from unraveling.
  25. Paint the mask with black craft paint around the eyes and mouth.
  26. Blend this black paint in with red craft paint. 
  27. Let the mask dry. 
  28. Hot glue the white screens in the eye holes. 
  29. Enjoy!

*note: this is for a big adult sized head. If you want to make it smaller, then you’ll have to resize it.*


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