How to Make Prowler Sneakers

by Stephen
Cardboard Air Jordan Prowler Sneakers

That’s right, Air Jordan Utility 1 sneakers made out of cereal boxes!

They’re actually pretty comfortable to wear, but they’re not exactly durable. 

I walked around in them for 10 minutes and they held up well without any pieces falling off, but I was being careful. So if you decide to make these and wear them, that’s on you haha. I’d recommend making them as display pieces only buuut they technically do work as functional shoes.

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Thanks and enjoy!



Steps to Make Prowler Sneakers:

  1. Print template.
  2. Sole (Bottom of the shoe)
    • Cut layers 1, 2, 3, and 4 out of corrugated cardboard.
    • Stack these layers. Use hot glue to glue together.
    • Bend the sole so there is a crease in it.
    • Layer 5
      • You will have 2 copies of this layer. Glue 1 copy to the bottom of your corrugated cardboard sole.
      • Tape the other copy onto cereal box cardboard.
      • Cut all the pieces out of the cereal box cardboard one and glue onto the sole.
      • This takes a while, so be patient.
  3. Back/Sides
    • Tape together the template. Cut out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Wrap around the back of the shoe. Glue in place.
    • Glue heel cap onto the back.
  4. Laces
    • Cut the funky looking pieces out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Cover the larger side pieces with tape and then cut out.
    • Line up the holes.
    • Glue together.
    • Glue onto the shoe.
    • Glue ankle strap in place.
    • Re-punch the holes.
  5. Toes
    • Cut out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Push the edges of the 3 pieces together. Glue onto the front of the shoe. There will be some overlap…feel free to trim it if the overlap bothers you.
    • Cut the toe cover out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Tape piece (with the template on top) on a scrap piece of corrugated cardboard. Use a pen and push down hard on all the dots. When you remove the template, all the puncture marks will be visible on the cereal box cardboard piece.
    • Glue toe cover on the shoe.
  6. Tongue
    • Cut out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Hot glue to the underside of the toe cover.
  7. Edges of the Sole
    • Wrap the bottom edges of the shoes in strips of cereal box cardboard. You will need to trim the pieces in the front! Make sure it is flush with the bottom of the shoe.
  8. Pouches
    • Small Pouches
      • Cover these template pieces with masking tape.
      • Cut out.
      • Fold down the dotted lines. Use glue to secure.
      • Add a cereal box circle to the front to be a faux button.
    • Larger Pouch
      • Cover template pieces with masking tape.
      • Cut out.
      • Glue a strip of cereal box cardboard between them.
      • Fold the edges together so it forms a box.
      • Push all the triangle tabs inward.
      • Hot glue to the back of the shoe.
  9. Buckles
    • Cut these shapes out of cereal box cardboard.
    • Slip the strips into the holes and fold the strips in half.
    • Glue to the sides of the shoe (slip one end under the paper/tape flap and the other end at the side of the bigger pouch).
  10. Paint
    • Purple: toe cover, sole, ankle strap
    • Black: everything else
    • Dark gray (I used silver mixed with black): all the paper/tape pieces
    • Neon pink: circles on the bottom of the sole and the cereal box strip in the middle of the larger pouch.
  11. Decals
    • Glue Nike logo to the top of the tongue
    • Glue design detail to the bottom flap on the smaller pouches.
  12. Enjoy!

Template to Make Prowler Sneakers:

For personal use only. Not for commercial use.

Template prints out on US Letter size – 8.5 x 11 inches

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