How to Make A Vulture Mask

by Stephen
DIY Vulture mask from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

My name is Stephen and I like to make cardboard costumes and props. 

Today I’m making Vulture’s mask from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse! The movie isn’t out yet, so I’m basing my design on the 1 teaser image I could find. 

It’s a very easy mask to make and all it took was 1 cereal box. 

I hope you guys like it!


  • Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

Material List:

Steps to Make a Vulture Mask:

  1. Print out template.
  2. Cut out the pieces.
  3. Tape pieces onto cereal box cardboard.
  4. Cut out with scissors (I also used a utility knife to help cut out the tricky little corners). 
  5. Tape the edges together. Start with the eyes and slowly push/pull the edges together until you get a super hero mask. 
  6. 2 beak pieces
    • Tape the top edge of both pieces together. Keep the tape on the inside.
    • Bits of tape will stick out. Take your sharp utility knife and slice all the visible pieces. 
    • Gently open it up and hot glue. Each time I added glue, I held it open so it would dry properly. 
  7. Hot glue the edges on the inside of the mask.
  8. Attach the beak to the mask by lining up the edge of the beak with the inside seam of the mask. This is the line that lines up with your tear ducts if you were wearing the mask. Glue it in place.
  9. The paint job is super simple – golden brown craft paint with a light dusting of brown craft paint.
  10. Glue yarn or elastic so you can wear the mask.
  11. Enjoy!


**prints out on regular computer paper (8.5×11 inch)**

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