How to Make The Flash Ring

by Stephen
The Flash Ring DIY

Hello! I’m Stephen and I like to make cardboard costumes and props.

Today I’m making The Flash ring that The Flash wears in The Flash. Haha!

In all honesty, I hate the design of the new Flash costume, but absolutely love the way this ring looks, so I figured I’d make it for you guys. 

This cardboard ring fits great and opens to reveal that bright red color of The Flash’s costume. Best of all, it takes less than 1 cereal box to make. 

Let’s get started! 


Material List:

Steps to Make The Flash Ring:

  1. Print out the template.
    • **Note – the template in the video is slightly different from the template you can download. I added labels and reorganized it to help make it easier to follow
  2. Working from top to bottom, cut the pieces off the template and tape onto cereal box cardboard. 
  3. Cut all the pieces out using scissors or a utility knife. A utility knife is 100% needed for the small pieces.
    1. For the Itty bitty design, you just want the circle and lightning bolt. Feel free to use a hole punch if you don’t want to cut out a tiny circle, but if you don’t have a hole punch, you can use scissors (which is what I used). Use super glue or white glue to immediately glue the lightning bolt in the center of the circle. Glue them immediately so you don’t accidentally think these tiny pieces are garbage and throw them out. 
  4. Wrap the cardboard ring around your finger. Secure the ends with tape. Make sure the tape is on the inside of the ring. 
  5. The Dial: aka the bigger circle and lightning bolt.
    1. Stack the base, ring, thinner ring, and lightning bolt together. Secure with white glue. 
    2. Let that dry and then take a utility knife and lightly cut a zig zag line into it that matches the pattern. This piece will be split in 2 halves along this zig zag center line. 
    3. After you lightly cut in this line, cover the dial in another layer of white glue. All this extra glue guarantees that none of the layers would budge when sliced in half.
    4. After that glue dried, carefully cut the dial in half. 
    5. Sides of the Dial:
      1. Gently bend/curve the cardboard.
      2. Gently tape onto each half of the dial. 
      3. On the inside, use hot glue to secure the sides of the dial. 
      4. Peel or trim off the tape. 
    6. Use white glue to add on the last decorative piece of the dial – the thin rectangles.
      1. Snip off the overhanging extra cardboard. 
  6. Assembly:
    1. Use white glue to glue the itty bitty lightning bolt and circle onto the center of the ring. 
    2. Let it dry completely before gluing on the thin strips of cardboard on either side of the itty bitty design. These small/thin rectangles are detail pieces that will be painted silver. 
    3. Sliding Function:
      1. Loop/fold the thicker rectangles around the ring and glue the ends onto itself. Make sure you do not get any glue on the actual ring itself. 
    4. Attaching the dial to the ring:
      1. Push the two halves of the dial together and gently tape it on top so the pieces stay together. 
      2. Push the sliding mechanism all the way to the top of the ring so they’re hidden once the dial is placed on top of them.
      3. If you’re happy with the placement, add hot glue to the tops of the sliding mechanism and gently smush the dial on top of them. 
      4. Be gentle so you don’t get any hot glue on the actual ring. The glue should only be on the sliders and the dial. 
      5. Check to make sure the sliders can still slide.\
  7. Paint:
    1. The center of the ring on either side of the itty bitty design should be painted in a few coats of red craft paint. 
    2. The Itty bitty circle should be painted white.
    3. The Itty bitty lightning bolt should be painted yellow. 
    4. The edges of the center (on either side of the red) are painted black and then silver. 
    5. The rest of the ring and dial are painted black and then in several layers of light gold. 
    6. The center of the dial is first painted in black and then silver mixed with a little black. 
    7. Let it dry completely. 
  8. Enjoy!


**prints out on regular letter – 8.5 x 11 inch **

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