How to Make Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir

by Stephen
diy Cardboard Thor's Hammer Mjölnir

Hi everyone, I’m Stephen and today I’m using cardboard to make Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir!

Thor’s iconic hammer is instantly recognizable to even casual fans of the MCU. Forged in the fiery heart of a dying star and enchanted by Odin himself, Mjölnir is always by Thor’s side to help him fight evil.

To make your own Mjölnir, all you will only need cereal boxes, a cardboard tube, and a little bit of corrugated cardboard. It isn’t hard to make (especially with my free template), just a little time consuming waiting for all that glue to dry.

I love how it turned out and I hope you guys like it too!

Fun fact: Mjölnir is technically a sledgehammer!


Material List:

Steps to Make Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir:

  1. Cut out all of the shapes, tape then onto cereal box cardboard, and carefully cut them out using either scissors or a utility knife. **All of the solid black lines are cut lines, but the dotted lines are fold lines.**
    • For the fold lines, you only want to score the cardboard without cutting through. This very shallow cut line will let you fold straight lines and help give the pieces their unique shapes.
  2. Cut the corner pieces out of corrugated cardboard. 
  3. Lay out all your pieces. Fold any of the scored lines so you know where they bend. 
  4. Take the two long side pieces and hot glue the corrugated cardboard corner pieces onto these two sides. 
  5. It’s best to glue these pieces slightly recessed away from the edges because it makes gluing in the end caps easier.
  6. For the handle, take your cardboard tube and push it through the hole in the bottom of the hammer. It should be a tight fit. 
  7. Inside the hammer, add a lot of hot glue around the area where the handle pokes through. **Focus on keeping it steady while it dries so it doesn’t dry crooked.**
  8. Assembled the end caps by folding the scored lines again. 
  9. Using tiny bits of masking tape, push the pieces together, tape them, and repeat until the end cap forms. 
  10. Smear white glue all along the flaps and tuck each of them into the side of the hammer.
    • The key is to trim the corner flaps to be the same length as the distance between the edge of the hammer and the corrugated cardboard corners. The flap will kind of sit on top of those corrugated pieces.
  11. Let it dry completely before using more white glue to glue on the decorative end cap.
  12. Let it dry completely and then repeat for the other side. 
  13. Glue on the bottom decorative piece (the rectangle with a hole in the bottom). Slide over the handle and push the piece in place.
  14. The circle top cap is 4-5 pieces of cereal box cardboard that are glued together with hot glued. Glue the stack together first and then cut the circle out.
  15. Tape the circle template with the Nordic writing on it.
  16. Pushing very hard with a pen, trace all the letters so an indent is left over once the template is removed. 
  17. Use a pen to fill in all those indents (ie write all the letters in the indents).
  18. Trim side panels and glue into place. 
  19. Wrap the base of the handle in a strip of cereal box cardboard. 
  20. Cut the handle design out of cereal box cardboard 7 times (a movie accurate prop would have 10 designs and a longer handle).
  21. Space these pieces every 1.2 inches apart (3.048 centimeters).
  22. Hot glue each piece into place and scrape off any hot glue that seeps out the sides. Super glue might easier.
  23. The handle’s decorative end cap, should be cut out of cereal box cardboard. Also cut out the decorative edging. 
  24. Glue corrugated cardboard circles to the end of the handle. The middle circle should have a gap so you can tuck the hand strap into it later on. 
  25. Hot glue down the handle’s decorative end cap and use white glue or super glue to glued down all the decorative edging.
  26. For the carved decorations on the hammers end caps, draw on with hot glue.  
  27. Do the same for the handle. 
  28. For the hand strap, fold tape onto itself and cut the ends of the strip so they taper inward.
  29. Paint job
    • Paint entirely in black craft paint.
    • Paint the handle and wrist strap in two coats of brown craft paint mixed with a little red craft paint. 
    • Paint everything else in 1 coat of silver craft paint. **Use long brush strokes so it looks more realistic.**
  30. Glue in hand strap. 
  31. Use black pen to rewrite all the Norse words on top of the hammer.
  32. Enjoy!


**prints out on regular computer paper (8.5×11 inch)**

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