How to Make Katara’s Necklace

by Stephen
Katara's Necklace Pendant

One of my favorite animated shows is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love the “magic” and lore to the series. The writers really did a great job creating an immersive world. In the show, Katara is one of the main characters. She wears her mother’s betrothal necklace as a way to remember her after she was killed by the fire nation. It’s a pretty significant item for Katara so I thought I would make it. Feel free to watch the video, print the template, and follow the steps below to make your own version of Katara’s Necklace from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Material List:

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  1. Use a bottle cap to draw a circle on a piece of cereal box cardboard.
  2. Hot glue this piece to another piece of cereal box cardboard so there are two layers.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the circle. This is the medallion.
  4. Cut out a small triangle with the point snipped off to be the “clasp” for the medallion.
  5. Take a long piece of masking tape and fold it over onto itself so the sticky sides are touching each other. This will be the ribbon.
  6. Carefully wrap it around your neck so you get the length right.
  7. Trim off excess.
  8. Optional: Sandwich the ends of the ribbon with cereal box cardboard.
  9. Paint the ribbon with navy blue craft paint (I used blue mixed with black).
  10. Paint the medallion with light blue craft paint.
  11. Paint the rest in yellow craft paint.
  12. Draw or print out the medallion design.
  13. Tape painted medallion to the back of the design, making sure the paint side faces up.
  14. Trace the entire design, pushing down firmly with a pen.
  15. Remove the medallion. It will now have an impression of the design on it.
  16. Use a blue pen to carefully draw on the design, following the imprints left on it from step 15.
  17. Use super glue to glue on the clasp and medallion to the center of the ribbon.
  18. Add velcro/hook-and-loop to the ends of the ribbon.
  19. Wear and enjoy!


Katara Necklace Avatar The Last Airbender

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