How to Make A “Weasley Is Our King” Pin

by Stephen
DIY weasley is our king pin

Weasley Is Our King! A slogan that’s equally complimentary and insulting. 

I always thought it was interesting how this little crown design is printed in the Harry Potter books. It’s not like they print too many other designs so it makes this design special. For the 20th anniversary release of the movies, I decided to make a Weasley is Our King pin out of cereal box cardboard and a safety pin.

It’s a quick and easy craft to make and would look great on anyone’s wizard robes!

Materials List:

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Steps to Make a Weasley Is Our King Pin:

  1. Cut out 4 small pieces of cereal box cardboard. 
  2. Glue two of these pieces together with white glue. 
  3. Print out the template and choose the size you’d like. 
  4. Cut it out. 
  5. Tape onto the pieces of cardboard you glued together. 
  6. Using a black pen, trace all of the letters. 
  7. Cut the crown shape out. 
  8. Remove tape/paper template. You will be left with an impression indent of the letters. This is the middle layer. 
  9. Trace crown onto a third piece of cereal box cardboard. 
  10. Draw and cut out the border. 
  11. Super glue onto the middle layer. 
  12. Trace crown onto a fourth piece of cereal box cardboard. Make sure it has 2 holes to fit your safety pin. 
  13. Insert safety pin into this piece. This is your bottom layer. 
  14. Paint everything in black craft paint. 
  15. Trace over the letters again. 
  16. Paint everything in gold craft paint. 
  17. Trace over the letters again. 
  18. Paint everything in a second coat of gold craft paint. 
  19. Trace over the letters again. 
  20. Super glue the back layer onto the middle layer. 
  21. Touch up the edges with more gold craft paint. 
  22. Wear and enjoy!


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