How to Make Scarlet Witch Headpiece

by Stephen
Scarlet Witch Headpiece

In the final episode of Wandavision, a series on Disney+, Wanda became the Scarlet Witch and her MCU costume headpiece appeared. Fans loved seeing her in her superhero costume and it will definitely be a popular costume at conventions this year. Feel free to use this free template to make your own Scarlet Witch headpiece!

Material List:

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  1. Download and print out the template. 
  2. Cut template out. 
  3. Trace onto a large piece of cereal box cardboard. 
  4. Trim it down, but do not cut along the lines yet. 
  5. Glue this piece onto another large piece of cereal box cardboard while it is curved. Feel free to use a flower pot or empty jar to help it dry curved. 
  6. Now you can cut along the lines of the tracing. Set aside. 
  7. Go back to the template. Cut out one of the small design pieces. 
  8. Trace the small piece onto cereal box cardboard. 
  9. Glue this piece onto more cereal box cardboard. Basically you want each of these pieces to be 2 layers. 
  10. Cut out along the trace lines. 
  11. Flip the small piece over and trace out again. Repeat the glue/cut out steps. This will be for the other side of the headpiece. 
  12. Glue these pieces onto the headpiece.  
  13. Repeat for all of the design pieces. This takes some time, so be patient. 

NOTE: Due to accidentally cutting something bigger or smaller than it should be, you may need to make small custom adjustments to the pieces so they fit together on the headpiece. Take your time, go slow, and try to make your cuts as accurate as possible. 

  1. Once everything is glued down, paint the headpiece in any color as a base coat. I used red craft paint. 
  2. Paint in 2-3 coats of dark red. I mixed together red, plum, and black craft paint to get a dark color, so you could do that too if you wanted. 
  3. Hot glue elastic or elastic headband on the back of the headpiece so it can be worn comfortably. 
  4. Wear and enjoy!

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